Pay TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice Online

TOLL-BY-PLATE allows drivers who are in a hurry to pass through the toll without paying the fee. This makes passing through the toll a lot more convenient as the payment may be done online. The invoice that the vehicle owner will receive, however, will have an additional $2.50 for the administrative charge. If you have unpaid toll invoices, then just continue to read this guide to know how.


TOLL-BY-PLATE is an electronic toll collection system devised specifically for the City of Florida – Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike. The TOLL-BY-PLATE makes use of photographic images of the vehicle’s plate obtained when a vehicle passes through the toll but fails to pay the toll either with the use of cash or electronic transponder. The owner of the vehicle will receive an unpaid invoice for the toll in the mail which may be paid online.

How to Pay TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice Online

  1. Visit the TOLL-BY-PLATE Official page at reference link 1.
  3. Click on Pay TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice under ‘Document Type’.
  4. Enter your Invoice ID found in the TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice document.
  5. Enter your Account Number into the section provided. The Account Number may also be found in the TOLL-BY-PLATE Invoice document.
  6. Click on View Documents.
  7. Provide your credit or debit information from which your unpaid invoice will be charged.
  8. Confirm the payment and other details you provided.

Reference Links

  1. TOLL-BY-PLATE Official Webpage                     
  2. TOLL-BY-PLATE FAQs Webpage