Activate your GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card

For all the gamers out there, this guide is especially for you. If you are a frequent shopper at GameStop, be it in-store or online, rejoice for there is now a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card. With this rewards card, you will be able to earn points for all of your purchases which may be used to exchange for or redeem gaming gears, collectibles, discounts and coupons, and so much more. To have your very own GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card, you only need to visit a GameStop store and sign-up for a card. After obtaining a card, activate it as described in this guide and you are all set!

About GameStop

GameStop was founded in 1984 with its headquarters stationed in Texas, USA. It is an American company providing and offering gaming products and merchandise. It currently operates over 6,000 stores in the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

How to Activate your GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card

  1. Visit GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Official page at reference link 1.
  2. Click on Activate found at the header of the page.
  3. If you have a GameStop account: login to your account by entering your email address and password into the sections provided. Tick on Stay signed in only if you are using your own personal computer. Click on Sign in.
  4. If you do not have a GameStop account: click on Create Account Now. Enter your email address. Create your password which must contain at least 8 characters. Confirm your password by re-entering it into the section provided. Click on Create Account.
  5. Continue the activation process by entering your email address and the security code displayed.
  6. Create a password for your account.
  7. Click on Submit & Continue.
  8. Complete the activation process by following the rest of the instructions as prompted. This may include providing additional personal information and setting up security measures for your account.  

Reference Links

  1. GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Official Webpage         
  2. GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card FAQs Webpage                
  3. GameStop Official Webpage