Participate in the My Burger King Experience Survey and Get a BK Coupon

To all Burger King lovers, show your love to Burger King by giving them honest to goodness feedback on their products and customer service! Share your dining experience by taking part in the My Burger King Experience Survey to help Burger King better realize if they are doing their job right. This will also allow Burger King to improve their services and serve you food that will keep you coming back for more. Do not forget to redeem your coupon after taking the survey.

About Burger King

For over 60 years now, Burger King has been serving freshly prepared food items. Best known for their signature flame-grilled marks on burger patties which made them the King of Burgers, their menu also includes chicken and fish sandwiches, fries and salads among others. Bow down to the King of Burgers by visiting their outlets not only in the US but worldwide.

 How to Join the My Burger King Experience Survey

  1. Visit the My Burger King Experience Survey at reference link 1.
  2. Enter the restaurant number found in your transaction receipt.
  3. Enter the time and date of your most recent Burger King visit which may also be found on the receipt.
  4. Choose the state from the drop-down list wherein the Burger King outlet you visited is situated.
  5. Click on Start to officially start answering the survey questions.
  6. Answer the questions regarding your dining experience at Burger King.
  7. Save the coupon code you obtained after completing the survey.
  8. Print the coupon code.
  9. Redeem the coupon by presenting the code to any Burger King outlet.

Reference Links

  1. My Burger King Experience Survey                    
  2. Burger King Official Webpage