Be a Mary Kay InTouch Consultant

Do you want to start your own business and be your own boss? Or do you simply want to have a part-time work to aid in your finances? If yes, you might want to try being a Mary Kay InTouch Consultant. The process of becoming one is easy and the investment is not even that high of a price. Simply sign a consultant agreement and pay $100 for a starter kit which will include promotional and instructional tools, make-up samples and brochures. Within a month after signing the agreement, place an order for at least $200 worth of Mary Kay products to officially start selling and marketing the products. By becoming a Mary Kay InTouch consultant, not only will you earn extra but you will also be able to help others through your consultations and recommendations.

About Mary Kay

Founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963, Mary Kay is a cosmetics and personal care products company. It is considered to be one of the largest direct selling companies in the world. Worldwide, Mary Kay has approximately 3 million sales people who earn through retail sales earnings and recruitment commission earnings.

How to Be a Mary Kay InTouch Consultant

  1. Visit Mary Kay Be a Beauty Consultant page at reference link 1.
  2. Click on Find a Beauty Consultant Now under ‘Connect With a Beauty Consultant Today’.  This may be found at the lower section of the webpage.
  3. Enter your zip code as prompted.
  4. Contact the Mary Kay InTouch Consultant nearest to you to learn more about the business.
  5. Take note of the consultant number you will be provided with.
  6. Sign the consultant agreement.
  7. Visit Mary Kay InTouch Webpage at reference link 2.
  8. Enter your consultant number.
  9. Click on click here below Log in to create your password.
  10. Enter your personal information including your name, email address and password.
  11. Click on Create Password.   
  12. Verify your password by clicking on the link sent to your email by Mary Kay.
  13. Visit Mary Kay InTouch Consultant page at reference link 2.
  14. Enter your consultant number and password to officially start being a Mary Kay InTouch Consultant.

Reference Links

  1. Mary Kay Be a Beauty Consultant Webpage                         
  2. Mary Kay InTouch Consultant Login Webpage   
  3. Mary Kay Official Webpage