Sign up for EZPass Maryland Account Online

If you often drive and pass by toll facilities, then it will be best for you to apply for an E-ZPass Account. An E-ZPass account allows you to conveniently pass by toll facilities. Specifically, E-ZPass makes toll transactions cashless and ticketless as the transponder included in your account, which is a device that is connected to your vehicle, is automatically detected in the toll plaza deducting the corresponding toll fee you have to pay for passing through the toll lane. You will only have to apply online and provide your credit card billing information as mode of payment to avail an E-ZPass Account online.

About E-ZPass

E-ZPass is a toll collection system that is electronic in nature making the toll transactions more convenient and cashless. It makes use of a transponder that is automatically detected in toll lanes and from which corresponding toll fees are deducted. E-ZPass is also able to track your transactions and account balance. It prompts account holders of account balances by providing billing statements in a monthly or quarterly manner and even displaying “low balance” in toll lanes ones account needs replenishment.

How to Sign up for an E-ZPass Account Online

  1. Visit E-ZPass Sign up page at reference link 1.
  2. Select you’re the country and state where you leave or select the facility you travel most often.
  3. Select the account type you want to apply for: On the Go, Provate Account, Business Account or E-ZPass Hatem Bridge.
  4. Click on Click here to enrol online.
  5. Read and understand the E-ZPass Maryland Terms and Conditions.
  6. Click on Agree if you wish to continue with the application.
  7. Fill out the Account Holder form. Click on Continue.
  8. Follow the rest of the instructions as prompted. You will be asked to set the settings, enter the vehicles in which you will use the transponder, choose the plan and transponder you like best, enter your credit card billing information, and verify and confirm all the information you provided. You will receive your account profile and transponder within a week after your application has been approved.

Reference Links

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  3. E-ZPass Official Webpage