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Although it is better to get started early in investing on yourself, especially, on your health, it is never too late to start if you have not yet. It is very unusual for insurance companies to not ask for questions about your health and insist on prospect policyholders to take medical exams if the insurance you are getting is a life and health insurance. This, however, is the type of insurance that Colonial Penn offers: no questions about your health and no medical exams depending on the insurance product you want. If you are sold on this concept, read on to know how to get a quote from Colonial Penn.

About Colonial Penn Life Insurance

Colonial Penn Life Insurance was founded in 1968 with its headquarters stationed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. It has been operating under the CNO Financial Group since 1997 together with the Bankers Life and the Washington National Insurance Company. Prior to its acquisition by the CNO Financial Group, it was owned by the Leucadia. Colonial Penn Life Insurance is known to issue life-long insurance and its presence and visibility in various forms of marketing media.

How to Get an Instant Quote from Colonial Life Insurance

  1. Visit the Colonial Penn Life Insurance Official page at reference link 1.
  2. Click on Instant Quote found at the upper left section of the page to the right of ‘Our Products’.
  3. Choose the insurance product you want to request a quote for: Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance.
  4. Enter your birthdate through the dropdown lists.
  5. Choose your state of residence from the dropdown list.
  6. Choose your gender from the dropdown list.
  7. Enter your email address into the section provided.
  8. Click on Get Instant Quote.

Reference Links

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