Be a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant

Be your own boss and run your own business by becoming a Thirty-One Gifts consultant! The registration process is easy so no need to think twice about joining Thirty-One Gifts. To join, all you need to do is submit a signed Thirty-One Gifts Consultant Agreement and invest on an Enrollment Kit that only costs $99**. The Enrollment Kit includes products, and business guides and tools. Also, to help you stabilize your starting business, you will be assigned to work with another Thirty-One Gifts Consultant who will act as your mentor. By becoming a consultant, you will be able to earn 25% commission on your sales and even earn a part of the commission of the other consultants one you become their team leader.

About Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One Gifts was founded in 2003 and actually started as a basement business. Through the years, Thirty-One Gifts was able to grow the business and even became one of the most successful direct –selling businesses worldwide. Its products include accessories, home products, jewelries, purses, thermal bags, tote bags, utility bags and wallets. Thirty-One Gifts currently has over 90,000 sales consultants not just in US but also in Canada.

How to Be a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant

  1. Visit Thirty-One Gifts Become a Consultant page at reference link 1.
  2. Click on JOIN NOW.
  3. Click I Know a Consultant if you want to connect with a consultant you know already. Click on Give Me a Consultant if you do not know any consultant yet.
  4. Enter the consultant’s name, state and your email address if you choose to connect with a consultant you already know. Click on Alternatively, enter your name, address, phone number and email address if you want a consultant recommendation. Tick the box of the topic or concern you wish to discuss with a consultant. Click on Connect Me.
  5. Connect with the consultant to learn more about Thirty-One Gifts and to be guided on your first few weeks as a consultant.

Reference Links

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  2. Thirty-One Gifts Become a Consultant FAQs Webpage                   
  3. Thirty-One Gifts Official Webpage