Set-up Roku Player Online

They say the only constant thing in the world is change. True enough, innovations are almost available daily. And one of these developments is a new way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows through the use of a Roku player. Roku players are designed in a way that they could be easily installed and used. Just continue to read this article so you may be guided on how to properly and easily install your very own Roku player and start watching all the movies, TV shows and other video contents in the comfort of your home whenever you want. All you need is a TV unit (HDMI capable), internet connection and of course a Roku player.

About Roku Player

Roku, “Now This is TV”, is the brand known for providing a new means of experiencing digital entertainment. One of their products is the series of Roku players which may be connected to TV units allowing you to access thousands of movies and TV shows. It may also be connected to the internet to link your other online subscriptions like Netflix and YouTube. A Roku mobile application is also available to let you view files from your mobile phones in your television. For more information on Roku products and their availability for purchase, visit their official webpage at reference link 1.

How to Set-up Roku Player Online

  1. Connect the Roku Player to the TV by inserting one end of an HDMI cable at the back of the TV and the other end at the back of the Roku player.
  2. Connect the Roku Player to the internet which may be wireless (Wi-Fi) or wired. If you will use a wired internet connection, insert one end of the Ethernet cable at the back of the Roku player and the other end on the internet router.
  3. Place two triple A batteries in the Roku remote control.
  4. Plug in the Roku Player which will allow the player to automatically start.
  5. Turn on your TV and set the video output to HDMI.
  6. Click on OK after the message Welcome to the Roku Player has flashed on the screen.
  7. Connect to your internet provider which may either be wired or wireless depending on your preference.
  8. Wait for Roku to automatically download and install the Roku software. Roku will restart after the installation.
  9. Activate your Roku accont by selecting your time zone. Click on Done. 
  10. Enter the code flashed on the screen at reference link 2. Then click on Submit.
  11. Enter your credit card and billing information to finish the set-up of your Roku player. Roku will only charge you if you will purchase through the Roku Channel Store.

Reference Links

  1. Roku Official Webpage
  2. Roku Player Online Set-up