Login and Access your Kroger GreatPeople.Me Account

Kroger values the hard work and passion that their employees have for the company. And to make it easier and more convenient for their employees, they have devised another online platform in which employees will be able to access Kroger-related news and information, work schedule, discounts and so much more. This online platform is called GreatPeople.Me. To access the website, one must login using his/her EUID as provided by the manager and a password. In just a matter of minutes, seconds even, you will have access to the Kroger information that you need.

About Kroger

Kroger was founded in 1883 with its headquarters stationed in Ohio, USA. It is one of the largest supermarket chains in the USA with over 2,700 branch locations across the country. Kroger operates around 24 banners with the help of their over 430,000 employees. IKroger runs various store formats to meet the needs of their customers: department stores, supermarkets, super stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and jewelry stores.

How to Login and Access your Kroger GreatPeople.Me Account

  1. Visit the GreatPeople.Me page at reference link 1.
  2. Enter your Enterprise User ID into the section provided. If you do not have an EUID yet, visit your manager to obtain it.
  3. Enter your password into the section provided.
  4. Click on Sign in.
  5. If you forgot or want to change your password: visit the SecureWEB – Passport Express at reference link 2. Enter your EUID. Click on Continue. Follow the rest of the instructions as prompted. You will be asked to provide some information to verify your identity.

Reference Links

  1. Me Webpage                                                                                     
  2. SecureWEB – Passport Express Webpage                                         
  3. Kroger Official Webpage