How to Order Bank of America Checks Online

When people ran out of checks, they are used to ordering checks either by visiting a bank outlet or via phone. These activities make the process inconvenient as these may only be done during banking hours. But thanks to Bank of America, their checking account holders may now place their order for checks online which makes the process quick and easy since you may complete the process so long as you have a device that is connected to the internet. Another requirement is that you must have an online account with Bank of America. If you are not yet an online banking customer, simply register to their page which will only take a short amount of time. After successfully placing an order for checks online, you will receive your checks the same way as before which is via snail mail.

About Bank of America

Previously known as Bank of Italy, it was rebranded and re-established as Bank of America in 1998. The Bank of America is considered to be one of the leaders in banking services with their products ranging from wealth management, corporate and investment banking. It has outlets in the US and in over 40 other countries serving approximately 50 million clients worldwide.

How to Order Bank of America Checks Online

  1. Visit Bank of America Checks Webpage at reference link 1.
  2. Choose the Bank of America location wherein you do your banking from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on either order checks now or sign in to Online Banking under the FAQ ‘How do I order or reorder checks online?’.
  4. Enter your online ID and passcode into the sections provided.
  5. Click on Sign in.
  6. Click on Help and Support.
  7. Click on Common Topics or Checking & Savings Account.
  8. Click on Order checks or deposit slips/Review order status.
  9. Complete the order process by following the succeeding instructions as prompted.

Reference Links

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  3. Bank of America Official Webpage