Apply for a Job at Walmart Online

Do you wish to apply and work with the world’s largest retailer – Walmart? You may now find it easy and very convenient as Walmart now has an online hiring center. The online hiring center offers both corporate/salaried jobs and hourly jobs. To apply, you will only need to have a Walmart account and everything else will be as easy as 1-2-3!

About Walmart

Walmart which has been in the retail business for over 50 years now is continuously searching for employees to join them in their mission of allowing shoppers to save money and live better through their products and services. Some of the career categories you may choose from are store and club jobs, corporate, healthcare, transportation and logistics, and technology. As of 2015, Walmart has over 1,000,000 employees in the US and over 11,000 locations worldwide.

How to Apply for a Job at Walmart Online

  1. Visit Walmart Careers at reference link 1.
  2. For Corporate and Salaried Jobs: choose the job and location you wish to apply for from the dropdown menus. Click on Go. If you do not have a specific position in mind yet, you may choose from the categories dropdown menu. Click on Go.                                                                                                         For Hourly Jobs: click on the Find Store/Club hourly jobs found at the right portion of the webpage.
  3. Choose the job you wish to apply for. Read the position summary, description, minimum qualifications and other details for the job.
  4. Click on Apply. 
  5. Enter your username and password into the sections provided. If you do not have a Walmart account yet, create an account by providing your personal information including email address/username and password.
  6. Accomplish a Walmart Job Application Form as required depending on the job position. Once the form has been completed, the webpage will show Application Confirmation. 
  7. Visit the Walmart Online Hiring Center Common Questions and Help Page at reference link 2 for more information.

Reference Links

  1. Walmart Careers Webpage
  2. Walmart Online Hiring Center Common Questions and Help Webpage
  3. Walmart Official Webpage