Report a Claim to Elephant Insurance

If you are an insurance policy holder, it is better if you do not get to use it that much or not at all as this means that you are safe, nothing is broken and everything is okay. But it will always better to be prepared for everything. As such, continue to read on to have an idea on how to file or report a claim to Elephant Insurance.

About Elephant Insurance

Elephant Insurance was founded in 2000 with its headquarters located in Cardiff, United Kingdom. It operates under the Admiral Group together with Diamond Insurance and Admiral Insurance. Aside from auto insurance policies which Elephant is known for, it also offers homeowners, renters, motorcycle, life and other insurance policies and products.

How to Report a Claim to Elephant Insurance

  1. Visit the Elephant Insurance Official page at reference link 1.
  2. Click on Claims found at the upper left section of the page next to ‘Customers’.
  3. Click on File a Claim.
  4. Enter your first name into the section provided.
  5. Enter your last name into the section provided.
  6. Enter your policy number into the section provided.
  7. Enter your answer to the question to proceed with the report.
  8. Click on Continue.
  9. Provide the date and location of the incident.
  10. Provide the insurance information and contact numbers of the other parties involved in the incident if applicable.
  11. Provide the name of the police department that assisted during the incident.
  12. Provide the Police Report Number.
  13. Provide a brief summary of the incident.
  14. Follow the other instructions as prompted to complete the reporting of a claim.

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