Report a Claim to National General Insurance Online

If you are a policyholder from National General Insurance and has recently experienced a loss, you may report your claim online instead of visiting their office in person. Read on to have an idea on how to complete the reporting online. The process is straightforward so hopefully you will be able to receive your claims fast and easy as well.

About National General Insurance

National General Insurance was founded in 1920 with its headquarters located in North Carolina, USA. It was formerly known as the GMAC Insurance Group until it changed its name in 2013 to National General Insurance. Since 2016, its ownership was transferred to the Karfunkel family. Among its insurance products are for auto, RV and home coverage.

How to Report a Claim to National General Insurance Online

  1. Visit the National General Insurance Report a Claim page at reference link 1.
  2. Enter your policy number.
  3. Enter your full name.
  4. Tick on your involvement to the loss: Claimant, Agent, Insured or Other.
  5. Tick on the type of loss: Auto/RV or Home Owner.
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. Enter the full name of the policyholder.
  8. Enter the complete address of the policyholder.
  9. Enter the telephone number of the policyholder,
  10. Enter the date and time of the loss.
  11. Enter the complete address or location in which the incident occurred.
  12. Provide a summary of the incident.
  13. Tick on your answer to the question if the police respond to the incident: Yes or No.
  14. Provide the department and name and police report.
  15. Provide the details of the insured property that was damaged and the claimant poperty.
  16. Provide any additional comments you may have.
  17. Click on Submit. 

Reference Links

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  2. National General Insurance Official Webpage                
  3. National General Insurance Contact Us Webpage