Register for a Time Warner Cable Reward Card

Do you have a Time Warner Cable subscription? Do you remember when the product was installed? If it is still within 30 days from the installation, then you may still register online to receive a Time Warner Cable Reward Card. Not only is the registration process easy to accomplish, you will receive the card via USPS mail and there is no need to activate it as it is already ready to be used once you received it.

About Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable was founded in 1973 with its headquarters stationed in New York, USA. It is a US company that provides cable telecommunications products and services. Specifically, some of its products are digital cable, cable internet, home security and digital phone. Time Warner Cable mainly serves USA.

How to Register for a Time Warner Cable Reward Card

  1. Visit the Time Warner Cable Reward Registration page at reference link 1.
  2. Click on Register found at the lower section of the page.
  3. Enter your Redemption Code into the section provided. Your redemption code may be found on the postcard and/or email you received from Time Warner Cable together with the registration instructions.
  4. If you no longer have the email/postcard: click on Forgot your Redemption Code?. Enter your Time Warner Cable Account Number or a valid phone number (###-###-####), service zip code and email address. Click on Search. Your Redemption Code will be displayed on the results page.
  5. Enter your zip code.
  6. Enter your registered email address.
  7. Enter your phone number using the following format: ###-###-####.
  8. Click on Next. 
  9. Complete the registration process by following the rest of the instructions as prompted to get your Time Warner Cable Reward Card.

Reference Links

  1. Time Warner Cable Reward Registration Webpage                     
  2. Time Warner Cable Reward Card FAQs Webpage                        
  3. Time Warner Cable Official Webpage