Register and Login to your Sun Country Airlines Ufly Rewards Account

Earn points from your flights with Sun Country Airlines just by joining the Ufly Rewards. Your earned points may be redeemed for tickets, checked bags, vacation packages, seats and so much more. As a Ufly Rewards member, you will also have access to offers and promotions that are exclusive to members. What is more is that you will have the chance to apply for the Sun Country Airlines VISA card. Just continue to read this guide to have an idea on how to join the Ufly Rewards.

About Sun Country Airlines         

Sun Country Airlines was founded in 1982. It is a US-based airline with its headquarters located in Minnesota, USA. It operates under Cambria since its acquisition in 2011. It offers scheduled and charter flights to USA, Carribean, Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico – to a total of 35 destinations. Its hub is maintained at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

How to Register for a Sun Country Airlines Ufly Rewards Account

  1. Visit the Ufly Rewards Registration page at reference link 1.
  2. Choose your title from the dropdown list.
  3. Enter your first, middle and last names into the sections provided accordingly.
  4. Choose your suffix from the dropdown menu, if any.
  5. Tick on your gender.
  6. Enter your birthdate.
  7. Enter your complete home or business address.
  8. Enter your phone number into the section provided.
  9. Enter your Redress Number, if any.
  10. Enter your Known Traveller Number.
  11. Enter your email address into the section provided.
  12. Confirm your email address by re-entering it into the section provided.
  13. Enter your chosen password for your Ufly Rewards account.
  14. Confirm your password by re-entering it into its corresponding section.
  15. Choose a security question from the dropdown list.
  16. Enter your answer to the security question you chose.
  17. Read the Terms and Conditions at reference link 2.
  18. Tick on Yes, I agree to these Terms & Conditions if you do so and if you want to proceed with the registration.
  19. Click on Submit. 

How to Login to your Sun Country Airlines Ufly Rewards Account

  1. Visit the Sun Country Airlines Official page at reference link 3.
  2. Click on Log In found at the right uppermost section of the page to the right of the logo of Ufly Rewards.
  3. Enter your email address or Ufly Rewards number into the section provided.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click on Log In.

Reference Links

  1. Sun Country Airlines Ufly Rewards Registration Webpage                 
  2. Sun Country Airlines Ufly Rewards Terms & Conditions Webpage
  3. Sun Country Airlines Official Webpage