Login and Access your Kroger Express HR Account

If you are a Kroger associate or employee, read on to know how to login to your Kroger Express HR account. For those who are new to the company, the Kroger Express HR is an online platform in which one may access HR-related information, for instance, benefits. As Kroger employees, you are entitled to the following benefits: health, insurance, retirement, discounts and more. Take note that this online platform is only for Kroger employees and that unauthorized access is subject to prosecution.

About Kroger

Kroger was founded in 1883 with its headquarters stationed in Ohio, USA. It is a publicly-owned American company that operates one of the largest supermarket chains in the USA. There are over 2,600 Kroger stores in the following store formats: supermarkets, department stores, superstores, convenience stores and jewelry stores. These Kroger stores are available in 34 states. Kroger also operates manufacturing facilities and pharmacies.

How to Login and Access your Kroger Express HR Account

  1. Visit the Kroger Express HR page at reference link 1.
  2. Click on En espanol if you prefer the Spanish language over English.
  3. Enter your Enterprise User ID (EUID) into the section provided. You may get your EUID from your manager or Information Security contact.
  4. Enter your password into the section provided.
  5. Click on I AGREE.
  6. If you forgot your password: click on Password Help beside the section for ‘Password’. Click on click here under ‘I do not use my EUID and password with other systems.’. Enter your Enterprise User ID. Click on Continue. Follow the rest of the instructions as prompted to rest your password. You may be asked to provide some questions to confirm your identity.

Reference Links

  1. Kroger Express HR Webpage                                                                        https://ess.kroger.com
  2. Kroger Official Webpage                                                     https://www.kroger.com/