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Want to become an apprentice? Are you a fresh graduate or currently unemployed? Or do you just want to look for a new job? If you do, then try searching for the perfect job at Universal Jobmatch! Universal Jobmatch, powered by GOV.UK, will help you look for a job in Great Britain and even abroad. It makes job hunting really very convenient since you will only need to go online to take the first step in being employed. In Universal Jobmatch, you will have access to thousands of job openings so there is no need to worry that you might not be able to find a job. You may also register for an account at Universal Jobmatch to keep track of your job applications, upload your resume, save your jobs searches, bookmark jobs you may want to review later on and even manage email alerts.

About GOV.UK

GOV.UK is a unified webpage in which you will find links to all the government departments, agencies and other bodies in UK. By visiting this webpage, you will have an access to the policies, publications, and announcements among others. In GOV.UK, you will be able to get information on the following: benefits, births, deaths, marriages and care, business and self-employed, childcare and parenting, citizenship and living in UK, crime, justice and law, disabled people, driving and transport, education and learning, employing people, environment and countryside, housing and local services, money and tax, passports, travel, and living abroad, visas and immigration, and on working, jobs and pensions.

How to search for jobs at Universal Jobmatch

  1. Visit GOV.UK’s Universal Jobmatch webpage at reference link 1.
  2. Enter a job title at the section provided.
  3. Enter the postcode, town or place wherein you wish to work.
  4. Enter your skills in the section provided. This step is not required, only optional.
  5. Click on Search.
  6. Hover over the search results and look for the job you think best suits you.
  7. Save your job searches and keep track of your job applications by registering for an account at Universal Jobmatch.

Reference Links

  1. UK’s Universal Jobmatch Webpage
  2. UK’s Official Webpage