Find a Job through the Monster Advanced Job Search

Are you currently in between jobs and want to find your dream job? You may just find the job you have been looking for through Monster. Through Monster, you may search for jobs online in two ways – basic search engine or advanced search engine. In this guide, you will find the instructions on how to use the advanced job search. Just follow the guide and good luck on the job hunt!

About Monster

Monster is an online employment solution providing job listings to job seekers globally for over 20 years now. Its headquarters is stationed in Massachusetts, USA. Every 60 seconds, Monster claims to have 29 resumes uploaded to their system, 7,900 job searches and 2,800 jobs viewed.

How to Find a Job through the Monster Advanced Job Search

  1. Visit the Monster Advanced Job Search page at reference link 1.
  2. Enter the job title.
  3. Click on Add another job title if you want to do a simultaneous search.
  4. Enter the location of the job you are looking for.
  5. Enter skills and keywords.
  6. Enter your preferred companies.
  7. Tick on the job type you are looking for: full time, contract, part time, internship, temp or other.
  8. Choose the job posting date from the dropdown menu.
  9. Click on Search Jobs.
  10. Review the results page and choose the job you want to apply for.
  11. Follow the rest of the instructions as prompted to apply for your chosen job.

Reference Links

  1. Monster Advanced Job Search Webpage                
  2. Monster FAQ Webpage                                                          
  3. Monster Official Webpage