File a Claim at State Auto

In choosing an insurance company, one of the things to consider is if they handle claims fairly and quickly once all requirements are provided by the policyholder. This is just one of the promises of State Auto Insurance Companies. If you are one of their policyholders and you need to file a claim, continue to read this guide to have an idea on how they process claims and the requirements you may need to submit.

About State Auto Insurance Companies

State Auto Insurance Companies was founded in 1921 with its headquarters in Ohio, USA. It is an insurance company with its products and services available in the whole of USA and in the District of Columbia. Its main branches are located in Texas, Tennessee and Baltimore.

How to File a Claim at State Auto

  1. Visit the State Auto official page at reference link 1.
  2. Click on My Policy.
  3. Click on SUBMIT A CLAIM.
  4. Choose from the dropdown list the type of insurance you own that you want to file a claim for: Auto, Homeowners, Commercial Property, General Liability or WorkersComp.
  5. Click on GO.
  6. Enter your first and last names.
  7. Enter your email address.
  8. Enter your daytime phone number.
  9. Enter your agency name.
  10. Enter your agency email.
  11. Choose from the dropdown list your relationship to State Auto: Insured, Agency or Other.
  12. Click on NEXT. 
  13. Provide your policy information.
  14. Provide information and details about the accident or your reasons for filing a claim.
  15. Provide information and details about the insured property, car or person affected.
  16. Review all the information your provided.
  17. Submit the form you completed.
  18. Confirm all the information you provided.

Reference Links

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